Resilience Training for Internationals

How to gain inner stability when things get tough...


• Would you like to cope better with situations that seem to put your life upside down?  

• Is there a major change in your life in the next weeks/months? 

• Is there unhappiness or tension in your family/ your new home? 

• Do you have the impression that your family's sense of identity is lost? 

• Are you wondering how to parent when you're often a mess or twisted nerves or raging emotions? 

• Would you like to adjust easier to the new stage of your life? 

• Would you like your children to settle in quickly in the new place / daycare / school / University ?  

• Are you rebuilding your life from scratch and would like things to feel less difficult ?  

• Would you like to feel less lonely during this time of transition? 

If you can answer one or more of these questions with a yes 

then this training is for YOU!

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Resilience Training on the 25th of September 

Here Are the Details for This Training

  • When is it? 25 September, 2 October, 9 October, 16 October, 23 October from 10-12 CET OR 20-22 CET
  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Ute Limacher-Riebold, Consultant and Trainer for Internationals. 
  • Why should I be there? In this training you will learn how to boost your own and your family's resilience!
  • What's it all about? Everyone deals with change and challenges in his or her very own way and at a different pace. – Making sure that we deal with this in a healthy way that doesn't make us drift apart, but makes us feel even closer is what makes a family (more) resilient and helps to get through all kind of hardships.

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Best strategies to boost your own and your family's Resilience!

I have held this training 8 times during the last 2 years and got a fantastic feedback from the participants. A group of them asked me if I would hold an online workshop on this topic and this is why I am offering it to you!

With this training you will learn how to prepare for expected and unexpected difficulties, things will not get "easier by magic" but you will develop resiliency skills.  

It is like giving you a can opener: if you toss it at a can of food expecting it to open the can, you will be disappointed... you can blame the can opener (and me) for not working. 

Fact is, that you need to do the job of using the tool, i.e. applying the method to make it work. 

Dr. Ute Limacher-Riebold - Consultant and Trainer for Internationals at Ute's International Lounge


 This training consists in 

5 x 2 hour online sessions 

and starts with a 

30 min intake 1-1 session with me (online via skype) where I will ask you some questions to make sure I tailor the training to your personal needs. You will also get to do a Resilience-Self-Assessment to do before the training starts. 

– you will get direct access to a secret facebook group where I will share more resources and you'll get to participate in discussions about family resilience.

  • 1rst session Monday 25 September 2017 from 10-12h CET /or 20-22h CET 

How can you foster your and your family's competence and confidence? What helps us to see challenges as chances? 

1 worksheet 

  • 2nd session Monday 2 October 2017 from 10-12h CET/or 20-22h CET 

What kind of connections help us, what connections don't? What are your personal and your family's values and beliefs? 

1 worksheet 

  • 3rd session Monday 9 October 2017 from 10-12h CET/or 20-22h CET 

Everyone in the family can contribute to it's wellbeing. How can everyone contribute the best possible way?  

1 worksheet 

  • 4rd session Monday 16 October 2017 from 10-12h CET/or 20-22h CET 

When we know how to cope effectively with stress, we are better prepared to overcome life's challenges. What positive, adaptive coping strategies work for you and your family? What do you need to feel "in control" and be part of the family-team? 

1 worksheet 

  • 5th session Monday 23 October 2017 from 10-12h CET/or 20-22h CET 

In this session we will round up the previous 4 sessions and you will get your personal Family Resiliency Plan©.  

1 worksheet 

  • After the 5th session we will decide a date for a follow up session either with the group or 1-1.

Price for this training: 597 €*

I limit this training to max. 6 persons. Please choose the time that works best for you where you live. The time indicated is Central European Time (click on the link to calculate it in our time zone).

* You can also pay by installments. For more details, mail me at

After signing up you'll receive a personal email from me with all the details for the payment etc. within 48 hours. 

I'm looking forward to contacting you soon ! 


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